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Export Your Products/Services to China

JHI can help you export and sell your products/services to the second largest and the fastest growing market in the world. We can tap our resources, including ‘Guanxi’ - relationship and connections - with the government and private sectors - to promote your products/services effectively. For foreign companies and investors, without familiarity with the regional markets in China, marketing and selling products/services in China can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. We have the in-depth China knowledge, the experience and resources to make your exporting/selling to China successful.

We can help you in the following critical areas:



• Market Research & Analysis

To be successfully enter and grow your business in the China market depends on how well you are prepared. Drawing from our extensive network of industry and government contacts, and other primary and secondary information resources, we can provide you the latest, detailed, accurate and reliable first-hand, bottom-line oriented understanding of your targeted regional market(s) and industry(ies) in China.



Our market research and analysis include:

– Policies and regulations

– Market size, growth and trend

– Regional markets, products/services and competition

– Competitor identification and competitive analysis

– Buyers identification and analysis

– Comparative pricing

– Opportunities and risks

Our typical steps of market research and analysis are:

– Desk research

– Telephone interviews

– Field study and interviews

– Analysis, recommendations and report

We tailor our market research & analysis to the needs of each individual client’s to enter the China market or wishing to refine their current China strategy.


• Market Entry Strategy

The sheer size of the China market, diversified regional markets, complex post-planned economy system and unique culture and language need a carefully developed market entry strategy. The right market entry strategy can save companies and investors from wasting time and money on wrong investments and wrong approach.

We help our clients determine which of the market entry and investment options are viable, keeping them up to date on the latest rules and regulations, offering invaluable cultural tips to prevent misunderstandings, facilitating communication and assuring clients’ objectives are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.


A summary of important China market entry and investment issues are:

• Determine whether it’s feasible for you to enter China

• Help to determine the best channels to enter China, through importers, distributors, agents or representatives

• Help to decide whether or not you need to set up Representative Office (RO), Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) or Joint Venture (JV) for your business in China

• Select the right regional market(s)

• Locate prime office space and help to establish in China

• Hire employees

• Oversee and manage projects

• Create and work on budget

• Provide full bookkeeping and reporting

• File all necessary forms with authorities

• Provide tax and legal assistance

Each type of market entry and investment options has its advantages and disadvantages. We help you select the most suitable type of market entry and investment option, develop an optimal and sustainable strategy, put it into work, monitor the implementation, and provide feedback for improvement.


• Business Development

In this globalization economy, everyone understands the importance of the China market to his/her company and business. You would like to explore the enormous potentials and opportunities that China offers to your company.

Our two-stage business development approach is specifically designed to help you understand and realize those potentials and opportunities.

Stage I - Understand the China market

We first can help you do a market research that specifically tailored to your objectives. The research and information gathered should give you market overview for your products /services, information on pricing, competition, distribution channels, prospective partners, customers and competitors, etc. It should also give you confidence to make decisions about optimal market entry.

Once you have an overview of targeted regional market(s) for your products/services in China, visiting the market becomes essential. We can arrange, coordinate and assist on the ground meetings between you and senior-level decision makers in identified and qualified prospective partners, customers and stakeholders.

Stage II - Entering the market

Once you have studied and knowing the market well, you are ready to enter the China market. We can help you ongoing on-the-ground business development activities, such as execution of agreed follow-up action items, liaison customers, assistance on product/services localization, as well as managing and tracking of new contacts and prospects.

• Partner Search & Due diligence


When doing business in China, it is important to have a resourceful and cooperative Chinese partner. The right partner is a critical matter for your business success in China. Over the years, we have helped customers to find the most suitable partners in China using the following systematic selection steps:

Step 1 - Initial search and screening possible companies in China.

Step 2 - Selecting the potentially matched candidates that seemingly meet clients’ criteria to carry out telephone interviews to assess their overall capability.

Step 3 - Carrying out due diligence investigation on the shortlisted candidates checking their authentication, credibility, and reputation, etc.

Step 4 - Arranging first meetings for the client to visit the eventual selected companies in China.

Step 5 - Accompanying client to visit the chosen candidates in China if needed, assisting with contract negotiation and helping close the deal.

• Government Communications


China’s economic system is still central government post-planned system. Both the central and district governments play a crucial role in business; therefore, companies operating in China need to pro-actively communicate with the governments and relevant agencies.

We help clients to build and establish strong relationships and connections known as 'guanxi' - important tools for doing business in China - with district and high level governments and private sectors in the communities that their business are operating.

Please contact us for details about our services and process to help you export and sell your products/services to China.

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