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China Business Support - Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) China Business Support

Unlike multinational and big corporations, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) normally lack of resources, staffs, insight, knowledge and experience to being well-informed on the enormous and complex China market. Our SME China Business Support services are specifically designed to help SMEs’ day-to-day business operations in China to avoid pitfalls and problems that can be caused by cultural, language and other differences. Working with our dedicated specialists who understand every aspect of the China business environment, the culture, the language, China regional markets, as well as local dialects, you can be released yourself from dealing with the intricacy and maze of daily business operations while increase your presence and success in China.


Our SME Business Support services include:



• China Trade Support: designed to support and help companies to manag sourcing, manufacturing and exporting operations in China. The services help clients improve efficiency, reduce risks and save costs.

Product/component sourcing or manufacturing in China

Export and sell products/services to China

China Virtual Office

– Project management

• China Business Help: can help companies and entrepreneurs in a wide range of key business areas include:

China business & purchasing trip arrangement

– Visa and working permit extension

– Build important ‘guanxi’ (relationships and connections) with China government circle and private sectors

– Trade show representation & assistance

– Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection

– Trademark registration

– Translation and interpretation

– Contract and documentation review, verification and translation

– China business risk analysis and management

Due diligence investigation

– Strategic planning

– Website Chinese localization

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